There are three types of services that individuals may qualify for.
  1. There are a variety of services that are available at one-stop centers which require no eligibility.  These services are generally self-accessed and center around a resource room.  In the resource room one would typically find internet access, common computer programs, information on careers and labor market information.  These services are available to the general public without any qualification for your JOB SEARCH NEEDS.

  2. The second type of eligibility is based on income and is one of the pre-requisites for receiving funding for education expenses.  A person must be authorized to work in the United States and males 18 years of age or older must have complied with military selective service requirements.  To meet the income requirement a person is eligible if he or she (a) receives, or is a member of a family that receives, cash payments under a federal, state, or local income-based public assistance program or (b) received an income, or is a member of a family that received a total family income, for the six month period prior to application in relation to family size that does not exceed the poverty guideline or (c) is a member of a household that receives, or has been determined within the six month period prior to application, to be eligible to receive food stamps.

  3. The third type of eligibility is based on being a dislocated worker.  An individual must be either (a) unlikely to return to prior industry or occupation, (b) laid-off or terminated due to plant closure or substantial layoff, (c) formerly self-employed, but now unemployed or (d) a displaced homemaker.

The eligibility guidelines are very complex and cover many additional circumstances too numerous to mention here.  Individuals interested in programs based on low income or dislocated worker status, are strongly encouraged to contact a Career Link, an Illinois workNet™ Center staff member before assuming they are either eligible or ineligible for services.

Meeting eligibility guidelines does not guarantee an individual will be selected for program participation. 


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