Training, connecting and developing the workforce of Central Illinois.

Serving residents and employers through the Illinois workNet Center of Peoria and satellite offices in Fulton, Marshall, Mason, McLean, Stark, Tazewell and Woodford counties.

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All Career Link hiring events have been canceled until further notice.


All Career Link orientations and workshops have been canceled until further notice.

One-Stop Operator

Through a competitive bid process the WIB has selected the following named organizations to be the One-stop Operator for WIOA Region 15. 


The United Workforce Development Board aka Career Link

Illinois Department of Employment Security

Department of Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services

Adult Education and Literacy/Illinois Central College

The One-Stop Operator will begin July 1, 2017 and will end on June 30, 2021. 

The One-Stop Center is located at 406 Elm St., Peoria, Illinois.  An Affiliate site is located at 705 E. Lincoln St., Normal, Illinois.  Satellite offices are located at 2956 Court St., Pekin Illinois; 230 W. Main St., Havana, Illinois; 111 N. Main St., Canton, Illinois; 509 Front St., Henry, Illinois; 106 E. Williams St., Wyoming, Illinois; and 1950 S. Main St., Eureka, Illinois.

The selection of the Consortium was completed in accordance to the guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Commerce.  An independent third party, Workforce Enterprise Services developed the RFP for the WIB and assisted the WIB through the procurement process.  None of the Consortium partners were involved in the procurement action.  They had no advance knowledge of the contents of the RFP or when it would be released.  They were unaware of any other organizations that might apply and did not participate in any way in the evaluation of proposals nor of the actual selection.

In forming the Consortium, the partners agreed to a division of duties as outlined below.

  1. Career Link
    1. Coordinate the of delivery of services among the partners
    2. Ensure that customer calls to the one-stop center are handled timely and in accordance with procedures established for the center
    3. Coordinate services to businesses
    4. Coordinate services to individuals
    5. Ensure effective referral processes are in place for all partner services
    6. Assist in the coordination of affiliate sites
    7. Address and resolve issues related to one-stop delivery systems
    8. Promote the services available throughout the one-stop delivery system
    9. Coordinate staffing approaches that promote service integration
    10. Facilitate cross-training among one-stop partner staff
    11. Ensure meaningful access to all required programs in the center
    12. Take the lead in coordinating signage procurement identifying the one-stop center
  2. Illinois Department of Employment Security
    1. Facilitate the resolution of issues related to space usage, facility location, customer flow
    2. Oversee the maintenance of the facility such as provision of and payment for utilities, furnishings, janitorial, security and grounds
    3. Coordinate the center calendar to schedule facility usage
  3. Adult Education and Literacy
    1. Develop a customer satisfaction measurement system
    2. Oversee and collect data
    3. Prepare reports on customer satisfaction based on the data collected
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation
    1. Survey the one-stop center for physical accessibility
    2. Analyze programmatic accessibility
    3. Make corrective action suggestions for accessibility
    4. Provide recommendations for accessibility software and physical modifications as needed

In response to a Request for Proposal by the Local Workforce Innovation Board Area 15, a consortium of four agencies responded and this consortium was the only bid received relative to the Request for Proposal.

Abstract of proposals received --

The four Core partners identified in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act have agreed to form a consortium to act as the One-Stop Operator in WIOA Region 15.  Those partners are:  Career Link, IDES, Adult Education and Literacy (Illinois Central College) and Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Duties have been divided as follows:

  • Career Link will primarily be responsible for “coordination” activities
  • IDES will be responsible for facility operations
  • Adult Education and Literacy will be responsible for customer satisfaction measure
  • Vocational Rehabilitation will be responsible for accessibility issues

There will be an inter-agency coordination meeting once a quarter, or more often as necessary.  Each agency will provide staff support.

All four agencies have had a long and experienced involvement with WIOA and its predecessor, the Workforce Investment Act.  They have also worked cooperatively over several decades.  Their selection as the one-stop operator will provide a continuity that will bring stability, expertise and familiarity with the region.

The selected one-stop operator is the consortium identified above and includes IDES, Career Link, Adult Education and Literacy (Illinois Central College) and Division of Rehabilitation Services.

The total award to the Consortium is zero because all cost are being provided in-kind.

The duration of the agreement is from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2021.